"There’s only one word that describes the type of devotion I feel toward my friend and acupuncturist, Soo-Mi Hwang: fanatical!"
- Maggie Betts, VOGUE - December 07, 2009.

“Acupuncture has transformed me. In today’s hectic world, it is the one time that I do something for myself, where I immediately feel the benefits. Soo-Mi is a wizard with the needle.

When I first came to Soo-Mi, it had been a long time since I focused on taking care of myself. I worked long hours, ate and slept poorly, and had numerous neck and shoulder pains which were all related to stress. Soo-Mi counseled me on eating properly, on the advantages of adding Chinese herbs to my diets, and taking care of myself. Acupuncture was an integral part of her approach to healing, as well as increasing my metabolism. I felt the results almost immediately and as my weight and stress levels became controllable my entire outlook changed for the better. My pain dissipated, I now I sleep well and my weight have stabilized and has remained so for over a year. Soo-Mi is a miracle worker and cheerleader.”
-Shelley Weintraub, director of real estate from Yonkers

“Soo-Mi Hwang’s holistic treatments are extremely powerful. She approached her client’s concerns with wisdom and patience. Over the past 18 months, I have received acupuncture, e-stem, and cupping treatments related to stress and weight loss which have had lasting results, improving my overall quality of life. I feel privileged to be a client of hers”
- Lydia Randolph, director of public relations, from Manhattan

“My name is George B…. In 2006,… I was suffering with an aneurism. I became one of the many patients of Soo-Mi. She started me on herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment for a while before the operation. When they went in to repair the aneurism, they could not find it. It disappeared completely. I owe it to all Soo-Mi’s treatment… I am most grateful to Soo-Mi as she’s always so caring and devoted to helping me and so many more people.”
-George B. retired from Bronx

“Soo-Mi is a good acupuncturist who knows what she’s doing. My knee hasn’t felt this good in a long time.”
-Anne L. retired from Bronx

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