Articles from January 13, 2011

Acupuncture is a part of healthy lifestyle

There are so many things that we can do to achieve healthy life. The following are few of the many that Soo-Mi thinks most basic to your health.
  1. Sleep seven to eight hours everyday.
  2. Eat whole foods; no artificially and chemically enhanced food.
  3. Sip water (good old plain water; no flavored or vitamin enhanced) through out the day, including green tea.
  4. Try to get all the nutrients from the foods not through the supplements
  5. Eat kimchi. Kimchi is traditional Korean side dish that packed with so many nutrients and good bacterias for your intestines
  6. Work enough, not too less that you get bored or not too much that you consume all your energy.
  7. Get stressed out but have tools to let it out of your system sooner than later.
  8. Meet people you love regularly rather than texting or emailing.
  9. Get enough sun light.
  10. Chose your favorite acupuncturist and receive treatment regularly.
Coming Soon! Let's talk about the each rule in detail. Love, Soo-Mi