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Caring for your skin at the end of summer

It's regretting that the cold air announces the end of bright sun shinning summer already. However, I can look forward to breathe better; less humidity, less heat, and definitely less discomfort.  Have you had your fun this summer? Did you get plenty of sun light on your skin? Is your skin looking dark, sexy and healthy? Looks can be deceiving though. Your skin may look healthy. But the sun has damaged the face leaving it with leathery, dry, wrinkles with dark sun spots. Before brutal Canadian wind ruin leaving the sun damage permanent on the face, join me to replenish and correct the defect to prevent making permanent ruin.

1. Water the skin.
There are two ways to replenish your skin: inside and outside.
    Inside - drink plenty of water. I know you have heard or read repeatedly the emphasis of drinking water to stay hydrated. Drinking water not only hydrates your body but also helps rehydrating the face as well. I used to hate drinking water. The taste of water didn't appeal to me. It tasted bland. Blah! Also I simply didn't feel thirsty enough to drink water. My body didn't require too much water, I thought. However, as I get older, I see the difference when I drink water and don't. The solution if you don't have taste for water; is adding a little bit of flavor to overcome difficulty of swallowing tasteless fluid; lemon and/or green tea. They are both full of antioxidant and vitamin C. Green tea's phytonutrients have so many good effects on skin. The content of caffeine is so minimal, it's as if you are drinking water!
   Outside - Moisturizing the skin is very important. There are many different ways to hydrate your skin. I like applying ampple amount of serum, also called essence. There are different types of serums, pore control, whitening, collagen, etc. Due to extreme summer heat, the pores tend to let open always and stay open. Aging makes it harder to tighten up the stretched pores again. Pore control serum, my favorite is Clique pore control serum, is a good option to minimize your pores that were loosened by summer heat without leaving your skin too dry.

2. Proper rest on your skin. Sleep eight hours a day. The quality and time of sleep are very important. Even if you are sleeping eight hours a day, if you are not sleeping between 11pm and 5am, it really is not beneficial to your skin and whole body. The reason? In Oriental Medicine 11pm is the liver and gall bladder time till 3am. It is the time when the liver takes all the blood and cleanse. The gall bladder is the liver assistant. They work very closely together. From 3am to 5am is the time of the lungs. The lungs strength flowers into the skin. Hence if you have healthy and restful lungs, lustrous and healthy skin. Proper rest doesn't only mean 8 hours of sleep. It also means minimizing use of computer when you are not working. Seating front of the computer really makes your eyes strenuous. Eyes are closely related the liver. Tired and over worked eyes will over work your liver. Also the seating and idling front of the computer for more than 30minutes will block the circulation of qi and blood due to the stiff neck and shoulder.

3. Acupuncture Facial
The above two methods are a must for the skin's anti-aging. However, if the damages have been done on the skin, it needs to be repaired more aggressively. The best way to repair is acupuncture facial. It will unblock the blockages and bring more circulation of qi and blood to the face which can help to promote production of collagen to tighten the skin from musculature layer. The increased blood circulation will bring and distribute more nutrients to the skin cells preventing premature aging. My acupuncture facial contains a herbal poultice mask with green tea. Green tea whitens dark and dry spots  and mildly exfoliates dead skin cells which prevents breathing of new skin layer. There are about ten different herbs in the poultice which help to regenerate skin and bring the luster back to the face.

P1: regrettable
P1: canadian wind ruin [missing words] leaving sun damage, ideas out of order.