Articles from December 14, 2012

Testimonial - "Soo-Mi is there to help me physically and emotionally"

Soo-Mi has been consistently treating me for about 5 months. Initially, I met her when my life had gone through a dramatic change. My body ached consistently, I had severe lower back and leg pains, and I suffered from headaches that felt like migraines. I had no posture; my energy was on the floor, and my life, as I knew it was a mess. Soo-Mi, with her sensitivity and generosity, helped me work through all of these underlying issues step by step until today. She takes time and effort to listen me every session and lets me exhale all of my concerns and worries. She carefully treats my body where needed and creates a trustworthy and comfortable environment. She pays close attention to pressured points and handles my body gently. I am now a completely different person than when I first met her. I have much energy and feel great! Of course I have moments when I am down, however, that is when Soo-Mi is there to help me physically and emotionally. Without a doubt, Soo-Mi has such a deep connection with each and every client which makes every treatment that much more significant.

-Karen G